About Us

On December 15th 2010, five professionals from the fields of environmental and outdoor education, ecological architecture, permaculture, renewable energy and inter-cultural group facilitation committed to launching the project EcoME Centre.

EcoME is an intercultural living experiment, devoted to gathering and sharing peace knowledge, exploring sustainable ways of living environmentally, socially and spiritually. It is a place in which we wish to explore living in a holistic way, approaching peace work from multiple levels.

EcoME believes in building relationships that withstand the challenges of living in a conflict
zone. We believe in the need to develop and model new social structures that steer us away from violence and war and towards peace.

We offer workshops, trainings, gatherings, desert trips and community processes that bring together Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals.

Since 2010, for the duration of the winters, EcoME has provided a safe, welcoming and reachable location for some 2,500 individuals to participate in diverse retreats, organizational meetings, sharing circles, educational evenings, trainings, Arabic/Hebrew lessons, outdoor experiences and workshops, whilst learning about the personal and environmental principles of sustainability and how they interrelate. We also estimate that over 2,000 individuals have been hosted informally at EcoME, spontaneously arriving to help construction, logistically support events or simply make new friends.

Many describe EcoME as an «Oasis in a Desert», since the Center and its small group of dreamers and believers provide such a source of inspiration, hope and rejuvenation to so many.

How can you support EcoME ?

There are many ways that one can contribute to the realization of a positive change and healthy living worldwide and in Israel, Palestine and Middle East. All support is welcomed, both financial and physical. You can come as a volunteer, participate in our workshops or regular classes, come as visitor during our opening hours or donate. If you have ideas or want to host a workshop contact us.

The building of a home for peace, a foundation for future generations and all life, is a deep process that we are engaged in and committed to. We wish to thank you in advance for your interest and contributions to this vision in any way it will reveal itself. Know that anything you will invest in this project and in the people who carry it will be used for this purpose only.