Why your help is so precious:

The daily functioning of the EcoME Centre (rent, food and equipment) is based solely on donations and good will, and we have been amazed by how generous people are. From the first day, men and women of all ages arrived from across Israel and Palestine with gifts (blankets, mats, tents, plates, fruits, vegetables, clothes, a projector, electricity cables, tools and much, much more). Even more incredible was the amount of humanpower that arrived. So many joined the effort, working together despite barriers (language, social, political) and in this way EcoME was co-created to become everybody’s home.

We are able to generate some income, receiving donations for hosting events, educational visits, meals and panels, and from volunteers who contributed for room and board. We have even been able to subsidize some of the workshops and provide support for those who need. However, it is important to note that a significant number of people work for months, non-stop, 24/7 without salaries.

Additionally, we receive significant contributions in the form of time, knowledge and expertise. The core group and community have been offered trainings in communication, permaculture, planning, Biogas, spiritual development, financial and organizational planning, Eco-design, community building, development and visioning. For these donations of wisdom we deeply thank the generosity and care of our larger community.

How to donate?

Donations to EcoME can be made by bank transfer (receipt is available upon request) or by supporting our crowdfunding campaign through Credit Card or PayPal.

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Bank Details

Name of acount holder : Festival Activism
Account no.: 8110794
Bank name: Israel Postal Bank

Bank adress: Jaffa 217/Jerusalem 91999
SWIFT code of the bank/BIC: IPOAILIJ

IBAN : IL490090010000008110794
Intermediary Bank for USD transfer: NY Deutsche Bank
SWIFT code for USD transfer: BKTRUS33
Intermediary Bank for EUR transfer: Frankfurt Deutsche Bank
SWIFT code for EUR transfer: DEUTDEFF

Please mention: for EcoME center