The EcoME Centre provides practical experience in ecological living. We chose not to be connected to the sewage system and have our own compost toilets and a compost recycling system for toilet and kitchen waste. The water in our showers and sinks is recycled for garden irrigation and we are always putting more efforts into designing and planning architectural, economic and environmental aspects of the place according to Permaculture design concepts.

Permaculture (Permanent-Culture) is an ecological design system that looks at nature and Earth-based cultures as inspiration for redesigning all aspects of human-life: food, water, energy, community and more. It is with the help of different professional partners and our volunteers that we can make this ecological way of living happen.

We offer our volunteers, and anybody who wants to take part in EcoME, to help us build and maintain the ecological facilities of the Centre: compost toilets, recycling design, sustainable projects, and much more. We also offer during the year many permaculture workshops which you can find on our Facebook page.