Rules and Culture

As we work within a sensitive area of diverse cultures we operate with within a container of guidelines which exist to help create connection, understanding and avoid misunderstandings. These include:

  • Separate sleeping dormitories for men and women. (Married couples and families can set a tent in a specific area.)
  • We practice mindfulness and sensitivity to physical touch. This means working with consent—checking that any physical touch is comfortable for both people, as well as for other guests around you.
  • Dress code: Both men and women are asked to cover knees and shoulders.
  • We have a no alcohol, drugs or weapons policy. These objects and substances are strictly not allowed in the facilities, since we want to create a safe and conscious space for people to meet, regardless of their background.
  • We keep a vegetarian kitchen. This allows for inclusivity for keeping Kosher and Halal (Jewish and Muslim rules about food). We also believe that building peace and sustainability manifests in all of our relationships—we work practice non-violence in our treatment of animals as well and minimize our environmental impact by not eating meat.