We call for your support

(Arabic and Hebrew Translation available on facebook)

Dear friends,

In the last days a crisis has come to our doorstep—a theft has left us without our entire operating budget—money earned over the last 5 months meant to support us through the end of this season (mid-May) and into our next operating year (usually starting in October).

This event left us shocked and sad, wishing for EcoME to be protected as a sacred space by everyone (members of the community or not) – appreciating that what goes on here is healing work for all.

On a deeper level than the lost money, we face the challenge of growing back the lost trust and hope which has wounded our very soul. This trust and hope enables our important work and our ability to exist. We know this is an opportunity for us to grow, gather our power and develop stronger resilience. This is why we ask for your help: Our power lies in the hearts of the people, in our community strength, and not in our financial situation.

We call for your support:
Donate any amount of money your heart calls you to
– Donate materials and equipment which you think could help us
– Come spend time with us over the Pesach holiday and in the next month
– Bring food and come cook with us
– Offer courses (and invite guests) in EcoME where participants will pay…
Share this message on your wall and with your friends

We have the faith that as a family together we can overcome this crisis. We’ve been through worse,
This is a crucial time for us to hold together our dream for a time when our two peoples will live together in peace.

Thank you, the EcoME community